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New Tasks for the Modules

Authored by Dalai Felinto (dfelinto) on Aug 21 2019, 4:33 PM.
See the tasks with their links in the reply here.

Event Timeline

And if you want them as phabricator links:

Main modules page T63725.

Tasks that need a better description

User Interface

  • T68884: Keymap system refactor
  • T68885: Customize favorite panels in the viewport

Mesh Modeling

  • T68886: Performance issues for edit mode and highpoly meshes
  • T68887: Text object editing rich text and UI/UX
  • T68888: Ngons with holes
  • T68889: UV Mapping Improvements
  • T68890: Metaball fixes
  • T68891: Per-Mesh Subsurf with OpenSubdiv
  • T68892: Custom normals polishing
  • T68893: Smooth shading usabilty

Sculpt, Paint & Texture

  • T68894: Layered and procedural texture painting tools
  • T68895: Replace texture nodes system with shading nodes for brushes and modifiers
  • T68896: Texture painting usability
  • T68897: Multi-layered image support
  • T68898: Layered sculpting
  • T68899: Multires - don't use optimized sculpt data when multires is enabled
  • T68900: Mask Display and editing does not work with modifiers


  • T68901: Motion path viewport editing
  • T68902: Animation layer
  • T68904: Animation 2020 feedback from studios
  • T68905: Motion path revamp
  • T68906: Animation fine-tuning sculpting
  • T68907: Node based rigging
  • T68908: Faster animation playback
  • T68909: Faster motion path
  • T68910: Pose library polishing
  • T68912: Frame-by-frame animation tool polishing

Render & Cycles

Data, Assets & I/O

  • T68933: Per-Collection I/O data for re-import/export
  • T68934: Data management for complex scenes
  • T68935: Unifying I/O importing and drag and drop
  • T68936: Faster I/O
  • T68937: USD integration
  • T68938: Blender performance with many objects
  • T68939: GLTF unittests
  • T68940: Per-viewport collection visibility
  • T68941: Collection visibility animated
  • T68942: Group operators cleanup
  • T68974: Collection usability

Python & Add-ons

Nodes & Physics

  • T68978: Depsgraph integration of physics
  • T68979: Decouple physics and animation clock

Platforms, Builds & Tests

  • T68983: Make developer
  • T68984: Steam / Windows Store publishing integrated into our tools and documentation

EEVEE & Viewport

  • T68989: Selection future-proof design
  • T68990: Vulkan support
  • T68991: Fisheye / panorama in EEVEE
  • T68993: Stereo Panorama in EEVEE
  • T68994: VR design / usability
  • T68995: VR input integration and mapping
  • T68997: Panorama selection support in viewport
  • T68998: Virtual Reality (XR/VR/AR/MR)


These are the tasks that were previously there but needed a description.
Or in some cases they were a link to wikipedia.

Sculpt, Paint, Texture Module

  • T68928: LookDev: Add a HDRI brightness slider to the pop-over
  • T68929: LookDev: Add option to set the background color

Render & Cycles

  • T68914: Adaptive subdivision
  • T68916: Many light sampling
  • T68917: Texture cache and mipmaps
  • T68918: Blue noise dithering
  • T68919: Scrambling distance
  • T68920: Reduce shadow terminator artifacts
  • T68922: Displacement baking with Cycles
  • T68923: Vertex color baking with Cycles
  • T68926: Color Management Improvements

Nodes & Physics

Platforms, Builds & Tests

  • T68985: Update artwork for Windows installer
  • T68986: Keep older buildbot builds

one part missing for the Animation Module, is better ghosting/onion skinning it was completely removed from 2.80, or is it that frame by frame tool polish?.