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Curve Chamfer issue

Authored by Sergey Sharybin (sergey) on Feb 1 2017, 10:58 AM.
==1837== Source and destination overlap in memcpy(0x17316258, 0x17316210, 144)
==1837== at 0x72F65F3: memcpy@@GLIBC_2.14 (in /usr/lib/valgrind/
==1837== by 0xF87134: ED_curve_beztcpy (editcurve.c:6215)
==1837== by 0xF92723: curve_chamfer_invoke (editcurve.c:8452)
==1837== by 0xC718C7: wm_operator_invoke (wm_event_system.c:1099)
==1837== by 0xC720F0: wm_operator_call_internal (wm_event_system.c:1330)
==1837== by 0xC721A3: WM_operator_name_call_ptr (wm_event_system.c:1342)
==1837== by 0x102CB00: operator_call_cb (interface_templates.c:3300)
==1837== by 0xFE4615: ui_apply_but_funcs_after (interface_handlers.c:790)
==1837== by 0xFFDBEC: ui_popup_handler (interface_handlers.c:10137)
==1837== by 0xC7008C: wm_handler_ui_call (wm_event_system.c:451)
==1837== by 0xC73B9D: wm_handlers_do_intern (wm_event_system.c:2058)
==1837== by 0xC73E39: wm_handlers_do (wm_event_system.c:2142)

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