horizontal artifacts on uv mapped textur
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Group: V 2.32 release
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Category: Rendering (intern)

Upon rendering an image in Blender 2.32 I get
horizontal artifacts and what looks to be partial
transparency on a uv mapped procedural texture. I
have checked this in 2.31a, 2.30, 2.26 and 2.3 and
the problem does not exist on any of them using the
same .blend file.

System Specs:
Linux SuSE 9.0 running kernel 2.4.1
Nvidia openGL drivers version 4496
Nvidia MX 440 64 meg AGP 4x

I have put up a page with sample renders done with
different combinations of OSA values, the unified
renderer on and off, and the render done in a
previous version for reference; there also can be
found the subject .blend file:


Hope this helps,


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