Apply Lattice Deform on Curve-Objects
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Hi !

I tried to deform a Curve-Object with a Lattice.

The Curve-Object was created by converting a
Text-Object (ALT-C)

After I've made the Lattice a parent of the Curve,
I changed its shape !

Now the Problem :

After pressing Shift-Strg-A for Apply Lattice Deform,
the Curve fits (only) nearly the right shape
(it differs a bit from the Curve seen before in the
But only the front- and back-faces will render
correctly, not the sides.
And after changed once to Edit-Mode (Tab) all
Latticedeforms are gone ... :-(

That is not my idea of apply a lattice Deform
to use it as a modellingtool.

It happens on a Windows PC with ELSA ERAZOR III PRO
Video Card and Blender 2.32


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