BezTriple lacking information
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I'm not sure this is really a bug but the interface for
accessing IPO-curves seems broken or incomplete. The
following code snippet is what appears natural to the
users of blenders python-api:


for bezTriple in points:

But the bezTriple only holds a list of two float values
namely the x- and y-coordinate of the knot-points of
the ipo-curve, the control-points are nowhere to be
found. The interface says that getPoints should be used
on the bezTriple but that is always a list of 2 floats.

Using Ipo.getBezTriple(curveID, knotPoint) gives a list
of 9 floats which is what you want from the bezTriples.

Also the member bezierPoints of BezTriple is not
accessible but using print repr(bezTriple) all the
information you want is there so it's just something
with the interface.

This has been the case of Blender 2.28-2.32. Now the
type(bezTriple) works correctly though (that was
another bug but that one is fixed/closed).


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