Armature documentation (web page) error/enhancement
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this is coming from a really newb perspective and is a very picky comment, but:

this page the first example should be simpler, as it tries to edit all armatures in the file etc. I would suggest that it be replaced by:

have the comment that it edits all existing armature, and that you should run the armature creation script on this page first from an empty scene, so that an armature with a bone.003 exists.

then, on the Armature-module.html page, the example should begin:

# start with a new blend file and run the first example script on Pose-module.html to create a 4-bone armature:
# this example shows you how to edit that armature

import Blender
from Blender import *

arm = Armature.Get('myArmature')
if True:
arm.drawType = Armature.STICK #set the draw type
arm.makeEditable() #enter editmode
#generating new editbone
... (the rest works just fine)