Weight-painting problems in posemode
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Group: V 2.32 release
Resolution: Fixed
Category: Tools

Someone at Elysiun said it's a known problem (and maybe
someone is already working on it), if so, just ignore
this report. I post it because I couldn't find it
reported in the bugtracker.

Here's how I weight-paint:
- Parented mesh to skeleton (assign vertices to bones
- Go to posemode (ctrl tab)
- Pose my model
- exit posemode, select mesh, enter weight-paint mode
- try to assign weights

Now, sometimes it works and the vertex moves to a new
position and gets a different color, sometimes doesn't
and I can't figure out when it works and when it
doesn't. It seems to me to be at random (but of course
it isn't). But it happens every time, so it is repeatable.

Regards, Chris

windows 2000
Blender 2.32
nvidia geforce 4 ti 4600
videodrivers: 53.03

linux debian unstable
Blender 2.32
nvidia geforce 4 ti 4600
driver: 1.0-5336


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