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Overlapping transparent texture problem
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Group: V 2.33a release
Resolution: Fixed
Category: Rendering (intern)

OS: Windows XP
Video Card: GeForce 3
Blender: version 2.33a

Procedure to recreate:

1) Create 2 planes using a transparent "glass"
texture. I based it off the Blender material
library. Set the planes side by side with a gap
between them.

2) Create another plane, smaller and in front of one
the 2 back ones. (in front relative to the camera
view) This plane needs to have a texture channel
which has a bitmap texture.

3) Render the scene.

Actual results:

When I render this scene, there is a brighter
horizontal band displayed against the background
planes. This bright band does not change even with
the moving of the light source(in front of, between,
above the planes, etc.)

Expected results:

Rendering the scene should show the foreground plane
against part of one of the background planes. The
area where the 2 overlap should be slightly darker.

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