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NDOF Fly mode movements are slow when changing 2 DOF simultaneously
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NDOF control in Fly mode become very clumsy and difficult when 2 degrees of freedom are changed simultaneously on the SpaceNavigator.

To reproduce:
- connect SpaceNavigator
- make sure 3Dconnexion driver is running
- make sure 3Dconnexion plugin is installed inside "plugins" directory
- open Blender 2.46 on either Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux.
- go to Fly mode
- just use the default cube
- start flying forward, and then turn around RY, attempting to fly around the cube remaining parallel to the world grid. You'll notice translations drops to almost 0 and in order to have some rotation a great amount of torque must be applied. Navigation becomes extremely clumsy.
- Increasing rotation speed (in 3Dconnexion preferences pane) doesn't help, because as soon as you release the pressure on the translation axes, rotations becomes too fast.
- Increasing the translation speed doesn't work either: if you're not rotating, translation would become too fast.

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