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Various UI beaviour for sound
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Windowz Xp..

For the first time today i tryed to sound feature and
bumpped across some stuff(all releated to interface):

-In Sound block buttons, when loading a wav file, the
file browser and data browser(when there is too much
datablock) open in the same windows as the buttons
windows, which is rarely big. some loading button, like
load texture, do it nicely by openning the file browser
in the first windows on the top.

-When the wav file is loaded, there is a "number of
use" side to the file name(the 2rd dropdown): it's
always n+1 of the reality. and some time even
bigger.(like I just loaded it and it show 3...) also
the number of use of the datablock also show itself
1/10 time.(this one is for the first dropdown)

-How can we remove these datablock? There is no X
beside the addblock dropdown menu.(on user side, this
might confuse some: what i'm doing now is loading a
file or using it: this interface look like using it.

-This lead to an other note: where is the sound
datablock in the oops windows?

-Next: when saving the file once: the drop down is now
all red.(maybe a feature i'm not aware of). So you have
to save twice to remove datablock.

-the loop and ping pong button is not following the use
you intend on the datablock. for exemple you use it in
an actuator. you can set volume and pitch, these tow
values follow in the sound block button but if you set
a mode for playback, ex: loop or ping pong, the button
don't get pressed in the sound block buttons and vise

- and on a side note i'm asking myself what is the use
of the audio timeline: such windows could be good for
audio edition or even audio sequence edition, instead
of having it in the video sequencer. But since we
can't... We can't even ear the sound under the cursor.
I remember clearly it worked once.

-last: mixdown should open a file browser to save the
file correctly since it dont save the file at the same
place as the .blend AND don't have the same name.

that's it for my analyse of the sound feature so far.

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