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Implementing --geometry, -G <width>{xX}<height>][{+-}<xoffset>{+-}<yoffset> option.
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The appended patch enables blender to understand the options

--geometry <width>{xX}<height>][{+-}<xoffset>{+-}<yoffset>


-G <width>{xX}<height>][{+-}<xoffset>{+-}<yoffset>

beside the option combination

blender -w -p <sx> <sy> <w> <h>

to specify window size and/or position of the blender window.


blender --geometry 600x400+100+200

corresponds to

blender -w -p 100 200 600 400

It is also possible to only specify the position or size using the --geometry option:

blender --geometry 600x400
blender --geometry +100+200

...even if the latter variant doesn't make sense as blender tries to
use all available screen space when no size is explicitly given...

Regards, Dietrich

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First revision :)

In file: source/creator/creator.c

The comment:

/* get port number */

rather should be:

/* get geometry option value */


I don't see a good reason to add this, current method works fine, alternative options will only add confusement.

Ton Roosendaal (ton) changed the task status from Unknown Status to Unknown Status.Sep 19 2008, 9:39 PM

Hi Ton,


...the reason why it should be added anyway is that the --geometry
option is a standard way to specify the geometry - and the way you are
doing it now is not at all.

So in my case I am confused about the necessity to write something like

blender -w -p <sx> <sy> <w> <h>

and on the contrary

blender --geometry 600x400+100+200

doesn't confuse me at all.

...ok, I am a Unix / Linux user and believe in the sense of standards.
May be that makes the difference in our perception.

I am using the patch in my private blender version and therefor put it
on launchpad for easy upgrade.

Here is the link:

If some day later you feel like using it - please feel free to get it
from there :)

Thanks for your hard work on developing blender!

With best wishes,


If you want to do a fair comparison:

blender --geometry 600x400+100+200

is equal to

blender -p 100 200 600 400

Hi Ton,

> If you want to do a fair comparison:
> blender --geometry 600x400+100+200
> is equal to
> blender -p 100 200 600 400

Sorry, didn't know that the -p option only works also - this version looks already less scary :)

I always used the -w and -p options together...

Cheers, Dietrich