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Group: V 2.48 release
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Category: Game engine

yea as it sounds, at least in Linux if you run-close the BGE several times blender's memory usage goes up quickly

how to reproduce: start-stop the game engine with the default cube 50 times (or less with a bigger game) and watch horrified the memory usage ^_^

(tested on 2.48 release and latest svn while writing this :D)

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Bug confirmed in Windows Vista (Blender 2.48 64bits official Release).

Even if you open a new file it doesn't decrease the memory usage.

OMG it can also be reproduced by switching/resetting scenes ingame (with the scene actuator), that seems the hated 2.45 memory leaks are back! :S

btw, my exact platform is Fedora 9 64 bit

I tried this on recent SVN version (rev. 17095) on my system (Linux Mint (Elyssa) 32 bit). I didn't see anything suspicious about memory usage.

this seems to be a 64 bit specific issue

I can confirm the issue on 64 bit linux. Setting the physics engine from Bullet to None solves it, so the leak is there.

I have identified the bug in bullet. Fixed in revision 17102

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Note: there is still a minor memory leak related to python (GameLogic not completely cleaned). The leak is very small: 500 bytes per GE execution. I will pass it to Campbell who probably knows how to fix it.

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