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Import svg error
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Resolution: Fixed
Category: Scripts

Blender 2.48
Pyton 2.5.2

Console python error (Pantallazo.jpg)

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Bug is caused by scientific notation numbers in the SVG file (8e-5). Float() can convert that correctly but the script tokenizes it like crap and remove the -5.

Cambo, will you communicate with jms about this? Just send him the svg and see if he can deal with his own messy code.

It seems that the last inkscape version can save in two svg formats.

You have to rename the import menu entry in "simple svg" instead of "inkscape (.svg)" because there is no import problem if the demo file is saved in the simple svg format.

The corrected script is available there :

That's the second correction made since november 2008 and the script always waits for an update in the svn.

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