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Color correction lift parameter does not work properly
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Group: current SVN version
Category: Sequencer

The Lift parameter add a constant value to each composant of a pixel. This is not what is expected from a lift, this is a "value" adjustement (exepet that it can modifu channel separatly)

You can easily see in the wavelet monitor that this paramter affect just as much the highlights and the midtones than the shadows.

The value (constant input) added to the pixel composants (rgb) must be modarated by the inverse of the componant value. (I don't know if I am clear sorry)

For a float image, this should be like this:
newR = oldR + ( (1-oldR)*lift );
newG = oldG + ( (1-oldG)*lift );
newB = oldB + ( (1-oldB)*lift );

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Sorry, I forgot to mention that the neutral (non changing) value for the lift is 0; so you need to invert it for keeping white as neutral parameter.

But you got that already.



I find the bug (in sequence.c line 1284 for byte image and 1305 for float image). I can write a patch for it but I have some questions:

- It use a table with 256 steps to avoid computing value for each pixel so it round the result with float. Must this be corrected or is it a feature (quicker)

- For now lift go from -1 to 0 (negative) and 0 to 1 (positive) but as a lift of 1 give a white frame, a black rane is obtained with a lift of -infinite. Do I need to remap negative to 0->-infinite. (Change render result of previous file)

- Correcting the bug will also change render result of previous file. Do I have to care of this?



patch submited:

Thanks, I've replied to the patch tracker for this.

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