Less crufty arguments for adding movie/audio strips to sequence editor from python
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Previously to add a movie or audio strip to the sequence editor from python, you had to do:

sequence.new((filename, directory, fullpath, type), position, track)
sequence.new(('video.avi', '/path/to', '/path/to/video.avi', 'movie'), 1, 2)

... which was a bit redundant, since if you had the full path you didn't really need the filename and the directory.

This patch simplifies this to:
sequence.new((fullpath, type), position, track)
sequence.new(('/path/to/video.avi', 'movie'), 1, 2)



Improved code organization, and fixing buttons crash, as per conversations with ideasman

Hi, trying to update the status of the patch tracker. Please respond if this patch is still viable/useful and needs review or if it can be closed.

Close it, I think. This was pre-bpy... no longer relevant.