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4mm Layer Manager 1.3.1: Named layers, multiple configurations by layer group, & more
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Project: Blender Extensions
Tracker: Py Scripts Contrib
Author(s): (FourMadMen)
Script name: 4mm Layer Manager 1.3.1
Wiki page:
Category: System
Status: Closed

This script (Layer Manager) is used to manage scene layers.

With Layer Manager you can name layers, create layer groups, and hide un-used layers in much the same as you can hide mesh geometry.


Active Layer: The layer that new objects will be created in.<br>
Available Layer: An availalbe layer is show by Layer Manager and can be made Visible/Invisible and can be selected for purposes of hiding, adding to a layer group, etc.<br>
Selected Layer: An available layers whose selection box is turned on. Selected layers can be hidden, added to a layer group, etc.<br>
Hidden Layer: A hidden layer is not show in the Layer Manager and can not be selected. The option to show hidden layers is known as revealing.<br>


Q: Exit<br>
+: Add new layer group (and make active)<br>
X: Delete active layer group<br>
H: Hide selected layers<br>
R: Reveal hidden layers<br>
M: Move selected objects to selected layers<br>
Shift+M: Merge selected layers<br>
F: Flatten selected layers<br>
O: Object info popup (very crude right now, will make better and am open to suggestions)<br>
V: Invert visible layer selection<br>
S: Invert selected layers selection<br>
`: View All Layers
A: Select/Deselect All Layers
0-9, Shift 0-9: Toggle Layer Visibility

Button Modifier shortcuts:

<Layer Visible Button> Click to toggle, CTRL+Click to view only that layer<br>
<Layer Selected Button> Click to toggle, CTRL+Click to select only that layer, SHIFT+Click to Lock/Unlock<br>
<Layer Name> Click to change name<br>
<Layer Info> Click to select objects in layer by type, SHIFT+Click to select object in layer not of type, CTRL+Click to select ONLY objects in layer

Known Issues:

Blender.Window.Redraw(), which should redraw all 3D Views does not seem to do so. The 3D View that was most recently usde prior to running the script seems to be the only one redrawn. To force a redraw click on the Layer lock button. Upon activation of the lock the view is updated. Perhaps someone can shed some light on this issue?<br>



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