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DDS Texture Alpha Problem (DXT1 compression)
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I've tested the attached file in both Blender 2.48a and Blender 2.49 RC1 (Linux i386, Python 2.5 dynamic). In 2.48a the DXT1 texture displays solid when it should have a binary alpha channel. In 2.49 RC1, the entire DXT1 texture disappears in game (which is also not the correct functionality).

Also, alpha channels are not displayed properly in the UV editor for DDS textures using the DXT1, DXT3, or DXT5 methods of compression.

You all are probably more knowledgeable on the subject than I am, but from what I understand, DXT1 uses 8-bit color channels and a 1-bit alpha channel.

I've compiled what information I have been able to find on DDS textures here:

Programming references I've found (just in case anyone should need them):

The DDS files in the attached .blend were created using the GIMP DDS plugin:
("apt-get install gimp-dds" on Ubuntu)

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They appear to be correct for me. They look exactly the same in Blender as they do the BGE, and I don't see anything obviously wrong with any of them. Unless is the first one supposed to have alpha on the black part?

OS: Windows 7 Beta
REV: 20135

Yes, the first image is supposed to have alpha on the black part.

As I stated, the alpha channels are not displayed properly in the UV editor, in Blender, or in the BGE. In order to see the image displayed properly, you will need to unpack it and view it with a DDS supporting image editor, such as The GIMP with Gimp-DDS installed (there are links for DDS plugins for popular image editors in my blenderartists thread)

I've tested with 2.49 RC2, and you are correct that the texture is once again appearing in Blender and the BGE the same (wrong) way again. In the Linux 2.49 RC1 the image was disappearing in the BGE.

Is that working in Blender 2.5beta3?

For reference, I submitted a fix for this, about 9 months ago, for Blender 2.5:

Armorilia's patch (except for the nvtt sync) has been committed by jesterKing in r36541. Could you verify that the problem is fixed for you?

The file looks correct in 2.63, so I'm closing this bug report. If you still have issues, please open a new bug report.

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