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New sculpting clay brush
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Adds a new brush for sculpting very similar to the clay brush found in zbrush3.

this brush lets you create larger changes quickly without worrying so much about smoothing out the surface until the very end.

it also has a tenancy of of caring less about the topology when sculpting than the regular brushes do it even allows you to "merge" 2 meshes (in the same object) by sculpting in the seam line.

works by combining a flatten brush for everything under the brush plane and adding some height to the surface.

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Wonderful, something just wonderful :D

There appears to be a bug that completely distorts the sculpted area. I tried running from the graphicall build and from the patch with the same results (built in Windows/Scons/MSVC)


i have seen that before from the thread on but i have never been able to replicate it myself it also seem to be possible to get the same effect without having this patch as seen here
anyway i have done some fixes now mainly added it to the e key and added hopefully it to all the menus that have brush selection involved also did a small check to for divide by zero not that i see how that could happen and still modify any verts but can't hurt just in case

I reverted my SVN applied the new patch and I still have the problem. However... Very occasionally, when the angle of the faces to the viewport are just right and you click on the right place, it does work, so whatever you did worked to some degree, perhaps there is another division by zero in there somewhere or perhaps something else.

Hi, some quick notes:

There's some code duplicated between the inflate and clay, better to pull this out into a separate function

Also, some new comments wouldn't hurt.

Thanks for submitting this :)

Just committed clay brush to the 2.5 branch, thanks again :)

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