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2.5 Alpha 0 Render in new Window Causes Crash
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In the 2.5 Alpha 0 build changing the render settings to render the image or animation into a new window causes Blender to crash. Both Full Screen and Image Editor output modes work fine.

I haven't been able to come up with a situation where it does not crash, even with an empty scene it will still crash.

My Computer:
Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit
3.0 Gb Ram
Intel Pentium Dual CPU 3400
Mobil Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family

1. Start Blender.
2. Change Display to New Window
3. Render (crash!)

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The render does seem to complete, or at least start, but it crashes during the process.

Just reading through the bug reports and decided to try this bug out.
Tested it on Windows XP SP3 and Windows 7.
Could not recreate the problem.
Rendered in a new window with just the starting cube.
Possibly specific to OS, hardware, and/or configuration.
Render settings changed? ANY settings changed? May help recreate the issue. May point to a broken feature or a feature which hasnt been re-intigrated. Python console give any clues?

Just posting to try and narrow the issue.

No settings were changed on a default scene.

I am also unable to recreate it on Windows 7 Pro 64 bit on the same computer.

There crash does not output anything to the console.

Sounds liek drive bugs , intel graphics are not known for their openGL support..

This problem causes in my Laptop PC too(Windows Vista 32bit, Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset(GMA X3100)). It caused when Blender make another window, such as Render Window and User Preference window.

I tried to set the Vista option, 'disable desktop composition' for blender.exe, but it couldn't solve the problem.

Vista said the error caused in ig4dev32.dll. So I tried to put latest version of ig4dev32.dll and ig4icd32.dll to the blender 2.5 alpha 0 folder, but blender didn't start and caused crash.

At least, for User Preference, is there any chance to implement it in the info window like provious versions? I think that is only practical solution for it if intel don't support it.

P.S. Blender 2.49b works fine in this PC. Blender 2.5 Alpha 0(and maybe previous revisions) works fine unless blender makes any new window.


It crashes for me as well when I open the User Preferences window.

>At least, for User Preference, is there any chance to
>implement it in the info window like provious versions?

It has already been implemented as a window.
I'm sorry about annoying you especially developers...

In fact, There is only two workarounds to solve this problem. Install another driver(or videocard) to your PC, or don't make any new window. For User Preference and Render Window, we can use internal window instead.

I had this problem when I first downloaded 2.5. I'm running Windows XP, but vista should be the same. I also had no problems with 2.49b or earlier. I had to get the latest drivers for my Intel 965 mobile graphics. Plus, I had to download the latest Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver / software. Both were offof Intel's site. I applied the driver update and installed the Intel GMA. In my control panel I set the following:

Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for mobile settings:
Enable Rotation is Checked on with zero degrees
Display devices = Single (Blender 2.5 render crashes when dual set)
Desplay settings 32bit
I also gamma corrected to 1.0 under Color correction.

Under 3D Settings (this controls your OpenGL settings for the Intel chipset. Blender 2.5 crashes on render if not set)

Asychronous Flip = Off
Triple Buffering = Off
Flipping Property = Flip
Depth Buffer Bit Depth = Default
Force S3TC Texture Compression = Off
Force FXT1 Texture Compress = Off
Texture Color Depth = Desktop Color Depth
Anisotropic Filtering = Application Control

I should have provided the links to the drivers and GMA
You can try these links at Intel. The first one should do it if not. Also I noticed a lot of problems around Intel ogl drivers and settings set for dual displays on several web sites.


Hi, any updates here?

Have you tried installing new drivers and trying an up-to-date SVN build?

Please let us know how it goes.

rev26303, ubuntu 9.10 32-bit, ati proprietary drivers, HD 4770
no issues with my system

Moving this report to the OpenGL Errors tracker for reference. It seems there is little we can do about this since this is most likely a bug in the driver, newer drivers fix the problem and workarounds exist.

This is a generic request to test your bug report and see if it is still an issue in 2.5alpha2 if so please let me know by making a comment in this report ie 'also in 2.5alpha2' and I will add it to the 2.5 bug list.

Unfortunately it still occurs at 2.5 alpha 2 in the environment posted above (Windows Vista 32bit,
Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset(GMA X3100)).

But I can't test any new drivers because this PC's maker hasn't provide them, so maybe it doesn't occur in other PC that has same video chip with newer drivers.