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OpenGL render active viewport bug
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I just tested blender 2.50 alpha0 on Linux 32 bits (binary downloaded from I have an intel GPU. I'm also using nautilus as a composing manager but I don't any problem with it generally.

The following steps give me a messed screen:

- start Blender 2.50 alpha0 with the default file
- in the user perspective of the Default screen, click on the button showing a camera "OpenGL render active viewport" (on the header)
- a screen "temp" is created, delete it (X button on the right of "temp")
- go back to the screen "Default"
- the user perspective do not respond. Try for example to resize some neighbouring perspectives and the main perspective do not refresh. You can see it on the screenshoot

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I can't seem to duplicate this.

Well, it happend every time for me.
Perhaps this is a problem in the composing manager (nautilus) or my driver. I'm using xorg-x11-drv-intel-2.9.1-1.fc12.i686 with Xorg xserver 1.7.

When I did this and quit, /tmp/quit.blend is generated. opening later makes blender crash.

Historically, using blender at the same time as desktop compositing effects in Linux has caused problems. It's recommended to disable compositing unless you're sure your graphics card+driver set up can handle it.

Can you update to the latest available graphics drivers and try this without the compositing enabled and see if you still have this problem?

I've fixed a crash in the opengl render that may have caused various issue, and screen navigation has also had various fixes since alpha 0, so most likely this is already fixed now?

Also, nautilus is not a compositing manager, it's a file manager, compiz is the typical compositing manager.

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