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Logic brick connectors don't show on Vista
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connectors between sensors and controllers and from controllers to actuators doesn't show on Vista

Same blends work on same machine under Karmic

Tested on multiple blends, very consistent, in both OS, multiple machines (office, home)

The connectors work though, and can be taken out (in the new 2.5 manner of reconnecting)

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Seem to be more specific than first though:
The problem occurs specifically on my laptop
Compaq Presario, CQ70-134CA with
integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD

Windows Vista

(probleme does not exist in Ubuntu, on same machine)

There appears to be an issues with smooth line drawing in the windows intel graphics drivers, there is a related bug here in the graph editor:

Make sure your GMA drivers are the most current.
You can try these links at Intel. The first one should do it
if not. Also I noticed a lot of problems around Intel ogl drivers
and settings set for dual displays on several web sites.
I can duplicate some of your problem with an older driver.

jean-marc, can you test this again wit ha new driver please?

Closing for lack of response, but also since we're pretty sure this is a driver problem and that newer drivers most likely fix the problem.

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