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Blender freeze when exit, load new file, creat new file.
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I'm not sure this bug has been reported (I search for it but didn't find).

I often have a freeze when I exit blender, load a file or create a new file. It is only after having work on a saved scene... but I didn't identify exactly why and when this bug appear. But it is really often (always after working a lot on a scene).

My configuration :
- Ubuntu 9.10 64Bits
- 2Go Ram
- 2x Nvidia 8800GT 512Mo Each
- Core2Quad Q6600 2.40Ghz
- Blender 2.5 Rev 25311



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I guess this is due to a bug in openal soft concerning pulse audio.

Try to kill pulse audio via "pulseaudio -k" or "sudo killall pulseaudio" in a terminal and then check if the bug is still there.

If not it's nothing blender can do about it, as the bug is in another software package, I always recommend to uninstall pulse audio as it sucks in my opinion...

Yeah no freezing problems after uninstalling pulseaudio here (they were frequent).

Joerg, is there some way we can work around this problem, bypassing pulseaudio, using another audio system, .. ? Or not restarting the sound system between file loads? Or perhaps doing lazy initialization of sound so at least running Blender without sound does not give issues?

Using latest openal-soft solves the problem, so will close this one.