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Face Handle Squares get occluded by Faces
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In mesh edit mode, with face selection, the small squares, for selecting a frame get occluded by their faces. Should be self explained from the attached screenshot.

Linux 2.6.30-2-686 i686
Intel GM965/GL960

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Where's the screenshot :P

Excuse me for this pre-coffee post. Here it is.

What are the values of clip start/end in the n-key view panel? Here they are 0.1 and 500. At a certain point they were set to bad default values, which gave draw issues like this, but that change has been reverted. Perhaps you saved them as default?

Here 0.1-500 as well.

Does the same problem occur in 2.49?

Oh, seems to be exactly the same in 2.49.

Oh, seems to be exactly the same in 2.49.

This happens on non planar faces here too.
2.49 or 2.5 doesn't matter.

Radeon HD2600XT

Same problem happens here. On both 2.49b and 2.5 alpha
Intel 965 Graphics

This problem is indeed independent of the graphics card, it happens for non-planar faces because the center point is drawn in the center of the face which may be behind the two triangles the face is split into. See attached .blend for an example.

I am glad you got my hint. But can anything be done about it? While calculating the position for the dot just offset it to above the geometry along face normal.

Another solution would be to draw it at the center of the internal edge (between vertex 1 and 3, IIRC).

OpenGL doesn't specify along which edge the quad must be split, and that means they are actually being split differently on e.g. Mac ATI vs. Linux Nvidia. Maybe there's a simple rule to detect this, alternatively we could force the faces to be drawn as triangles.

to do this correctly you could
1) list gfx cards models that do the less common ordering
2) do some drawing test on blender startup to see which order is used (would this even work with multiple graphics cards?)

Or, have some way we can force the point to draw over the face, but not other faces.

dont think this has a clear & good solution, moving to todo.