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RENDERING AUDIO: Audio fails to abide by animation curves
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Summary: When animating audio curves in the Sequencer, everything behaves as expected. Audio goes up and down with the curve during playback. However, when one attempts to render the output, the audio remains a constant 1.0 level.

Platform: Linux amd64 (Ubuntu 9.10)

Version: SVN 26372

Reproduction: 1) Open Sequencer. 2) Add an audio strip. 3) Insert a keyframe at frame 1 on volume by hovering over volume parameter. 4) Jump ahead to frame 48 and set volume to 0 and insert a keyframe. At this point playback will render audio as expected. 5) Render to a motion picture format. Resulting motion picture will have audio ignore the animation curves and playback at 1.0 level.



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Tested against the following output formats from the Properties Output combo box:

* H.264
* Xvid
* FFMpeg

Reassigning to Matt, who committed the bug in revision 24667.

@Matt Ebb:

I'll convert that beer that I owe you into a case if you can find a few moments in your hectic schedule to slay this one.

As I finally reached the point volume animation on my todo list I now implemented that feature correctly (Matt: :-P).

So well, mixdown of volume animation is working now too, do I get the beer now?

Fixed, closed, done.

Joerg Mueller (nexyon) closed this task as Resolved.Feb 8 2010, 1:29 AM


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