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Wrong negative separated units
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This is using Blender 2.5 Alpha 1.

I changed the displayed units in Scene -> Units, and turned on the Separate Units option.

A value of -1.227m became -2m 77.3cm which is clearly wrong.

This only affected the UI as far as I can tell.



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fixed in svn r27176, thanks for spotting this.

Hello. I use Blender 2.75.4 hash e9a6eff
Then I set Units to Metric and Separate Units... and then try to change array offset.... Its look like .... Offset -1m -83.6cm...
If I click to this field its look like -1 -83.6cm.... If I just press Enter or change some value for example 6 to 5... Value calculates as -84cm -6mm...

Using Shift not always useful, or I need to turn off Separate Units