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Floating 3D view doesn't refresh while playback is lauched from main UI
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Run Blender alpha 1 on kubuntu 9.10 (karmic koala) with nvidia 3700M. Tested also with Blender alpha 1 on kubuntu 10.4 (lucid lynx) with nvidia 9600gt.

reproduce the bug : detach any 3D view with shift+drag 3D window corner -> playback any animation from main Blender UI. The floating 3d view stays paused. But when you perform any action in the floating view (or simply move it) the view syncs with timeline.

Launching playback with Alt+A in paused floating window resync animation in it. Pause all animation (main UI+floating window) and launch playback from floating -> main UI doesn't sync too.

At first I think it is a feature like playing animation in any blender process allow me to continue to modeling (for ex) in other. But it is impossible because any operation resync the 3D view.

Little blend attached.

I think a lock/pin button per view (or any modules) concerning playback animation will be a flexible option.

I'll like be able to sync playback animation or run game engine in fullscreen with multi screen setup because I am working on light/foutain/sound/videoprojection show with blender. In future we surely need to map building with video projectors containing realtime 3D scenes in order to interact with some captors. There no professionals solutions for wrapping video perspective + masking in realtime on linux workstation except blender (video texture). Blender is great and detach UI windows will be very usefull. Thanks for it.... adding a qjack support or any Midi Time Code control in python API, game engine or with sound backend in standard could be a very good addition too ;)


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rev27902, ubuntu 9.10 32 bit, ati proprietary drivers (HD4770)
Confirmed behavior,


rev28900 (from graphicall by fish)

still having this problem, also happend using sequencer, and probably any other function that depend on time sincro

ubuntu 10.04 x64
nvidia 9800 gt

The window manager still needs more thought to have these type of usage properly handled. Moving to our todo on wiki:

Thanks for reporting.

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