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A modal operator for log user Event
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My memory is very much poor.So when Blender crashes I can barely remember what I have done in the previous steps exactly.That keeps me away from reporting Bugs.So I have written this modal operator which keeps track of the platform(e.g. windows,linux),mode(e.g. Object,Edit etc),the time and date,the active window,the scene name,and the event type (mouse and keyboard operations),the name of the active objects for each of the user action.So,when Blender crashes you can see the log file to point out what you have done to make it crashed.Though it can be extended a lot by adding more properties,the present condition should be helpful in doing the re-occurrence of bugs.All the information are stored in a simple text file named 'eventLog.txt' in the directory where the blender binary file(bin or .exe) exists in a user readble form.

How to run:

To run this operator you need to copy the attached python file( to .blender/script/op folder. .blender resides
at the same directory as the blender binary file(bin or .exe).Then run Space for the operator named 'Event Log modal Operator' and run is.Your logging process starts at background and continues untill you press Ctrl+Shift+Q. When the logging process is active you can perform all your tasks normally not keeping any attention about the operator.A sample output eventLog.txt is attached also as an example of what it does.

Main goal and future work:

I made this operator keeping one more important thing in mind. It's final goal is to produce a report of all the actions of a user session in a user readable format.That means when someone make a complex model or do some tough job a work through description will be created automatically.This may act as a tutorial about the work through process and a memory re-fresher for
those who can't recreate things easily from mind that they created earlier(like me !).Present info is not agile enough to meet
this goal but can be done with proper effort and time.

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Hi, trying to update the status of the patch tracker. Please respond if this patch is still viable/useful and needs review or if it can be closed.

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