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Playback with AV-sync and None sound system
Closed, ResolvedPublic


Steps to redo:

* In user preferences, set sound system to None.
* In timeline window, set sync mode to AV-sync.
* Press play button => frame does not change.

Tested on Ubuntu Linux 64 bit.



Event Timeline

That's not a bug! That's a logical behaviour that is intended! If there's no audio, you cannot sync to it... If you need "realtime" playback there, you'll have to switch to Frame Dropping instead of AV-sync.

It should really fall back to that automatically. Also, when you have an audio system selected without any audio, playback works fine, so this seems inconsistent?

It really is not logical to me that when you have audio disabled, playback no longer works in this case. If you don't think it's a bug I'll fix it myself.

+1 to brecht - this is a bug, if you press play back animation, you want the animation to play back. Doing nothing at all is not very helpful (especially for example if you have audio disabled and you load up a file saved with av sync already switched on).

This seems to be fixed now, thanks!