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Object: Object Re-Name
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Project: Blender Extensions
Tracker: Py Scripts Contrib
Blender: 2.57
Author(s): Oscurart, meta-androcto
Script name: Object Name Edit
Wiki page:
Category: Object
Status: Closed
Related: 25214 25242

This script adds a couple of operators that allow you to edit the name for all selected objects in any of a number of ways:

Rename all to same name (with suffices added by blender)
Replace string in names, using RegEx or shell wildcards
Add suffix and/or prefix
Truncate beginning and/or end of name
Transfer names Object<->data, or Object<->DupGroup

The operators rely on a patch to the python API (tracker #21680, link below*), which will add the invoke_props_dialog() method.

I'm submitting both a patch that will add the script to the release folder, including add a menu item for the script in the 3d view space Object menu, and the standalone script file.

* Link to python API dependency patch:

Event Timeline

Campbell modified the invoke_props_dialog() method as it was added to trunk, causing this script to stop working. I'm adding a patch and standalone py file which fixes this, along with some other small fixes.

hi, this script is crashing badly.
It's been moved into
until it's repaired, thanks.

Thanks for letting me know. I'm busy preparing for the conference but will have much more time for blender dev again from november. Will look at this and other stuff then!


hi, any news?
this script is now here

there is another script similar to your one, I've left a message in its tracker page with a proposal for a merge, see the "related" field above
if the author of that script merges this and you can review, it would be good to move this functionality out of "broken" status
what do you think?


I'm very sorry that I haven't been able to work on this. I am currently under heavy workload in my regular field-of-work and haven't had time to look closer at any blender development. I have spoken to the developer of the other script, but haven't had time to investigate his code. I'm all for a merger if that helps speed things up. Alternatively, I might find some time over the christmas holidays when I'm expecting my phone to ring less. :)


Hi Richard,
I'll do the merge some time soon (in the next two weeks probably) and let you know when I start on that. I'd like to use the name of your script, because it's consistent with the 2.49 version, if that is okay with you. If you get to it sooner than me just send me a mail.


> If you get to it sooner than me just send me a mail.

well guys use these trackers as you did here, it's easier and public: cool to see this interaction :)

It seems like this script is working without crashing with rev.33728 and invoke_props_dialog() method is added.

One thing. Truncate function has an issue. When you set value for start/end and then you want to revert it to initial name from ToolShelf dialog by setting start&end to 0, the name stays truncated.

hi, the Oscurart tools contains significant rename function.
I would move this back to upload & work on the new script or other related proposals.

Since your script is now in bf-extensions\' svn (contrib|trunk) we have deleted the current attachments to avoid that end-users could reach this page and get the wrong version of your script.
Note that your script may have api changes or small maintenence changes applied in SVN.
Please retrieve your script from SVN before updating SVN to avoid mis-versioned scripts.

I'm making a few changes here.
I have now a entirely new version of this script.
Rather than making a new page, I'm re-using this one.

closing & removing from contrib svn
thereare better scripts & internal functions to do this.

Brendon Murphy (meta-androcto) changed the task status from Unknown Status to Unknown Status.Oct 14 2011, 1:14 PM

If you're not going to write documentation for this addon please remove it from the Wiki:

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