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Simple file with armature + action actuator not working (and crashing BGE)
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I was investigating another bug and came out with this bug.
Armature file not working with svn 27796.
It's working with 2.49 and Blender 2.5alpha2

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actually it I believe it was introduced in rev. 27732 BGE: bug #21684 fixed: multiple material with static modifier now supported with display list.

Today Blender server is really slow so it's been hard to check that. From Graphicall builds I could narrow down the error to the range of 27717 to 27797.

The actual revision that broke it was 27766 - Optimization for pose channel name lookups using a hash, makes playback in one particular scene with 3 characters go from 10 to 13 fps.

I'm assigning it to Brecht since it was his commit. Thanks

fixed in rev. 27811. Thanks Benoit

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