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Particle interaction and manipulation - Some suggestions
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Project: Tuhopuu Blender
Tracker: Feature Requests

Particle interations processing on static particles, not just on normal particles...
The particle interaction features are obviously calculated over the life of the particles.
Is it possible to have a toggle button to allow these interactions to be calculated for static particles - for each individual frame. IE. move a ball through a plane with static particles and the particles part to let the ball through and return to their position afterwards.

On static particles - a frame delay factor between successive steps.
This could allow for realistic movement for hair following the rotation of the particle mesh.

Option to calculate particle forces on global axis instead of particle mesh's axis
When you turn a hairy ball over 180 degrees with a -z force acting, the hair should still fall "down"! If you have a chicken cooking on a rotiserie, the steam should always go up.

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