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There are problems running blender using UNC paths
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When running blender from a network share a number of UNC names get corrupted.

eg blender somtimes resolves the .B25.blend file to


when it should be


The same thing happens for the following directories






I know that this a duplicate but if it keeps getting closed because it's not supported, it will never get fixed.

I've attached an initial patch but I've only done a quick test of it. It may need applying to other bits of the file handling code.



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I've attached a further patch which also seems to allow use of UNC paths in the file dialogs

Hi, as mentioned previously this doesn't belong in the bug tracker - it's for things that were coded to work, but don't because of some fault. UNC path handling was never intended to work.

Anyway I'll move this to the patch tracker and assign to Andrea. Thanks!

Hi Rob, I gave it a little try here, I couldn't see any files her on my UNC share yet, but I'll take a closer look in the next days, need some time to properly test.

One small issue though, when doing patches, we usually don't put our names next to each line, that's what either the contributors line in the file is for or we mention patch contributors in the svn commit log too.

This is much wanted functionality anyway so thanks for contributing,


Hi Andrea,

The comment was only there so that when I'm editing the code I can see which changes I've made. I'll remove them in future.


The latest version tidies the code and makes it more robust and removes the Rob comment

Hi Rob, I checked your patch out today.

Two issues I found, I can't access the UNC path if just the servername is specified, like

I think this should work since it works for the Windows Explorer.

The second thing is that for UNC path I saw a file '..' added which didn't have the correct icon for 'Parent folder' which means that for some reason the directory flag S_ISDIR isn't set on that. This happens in the case that you disable all filters.

I'll check on these things too, but if you can take a look would be great since my time is a bit limited at the moment.

- Andrea

Hi Andrea,

The patch doesn't fix \\SERVERNAME because you can't use the directory open functions to find the shares.

This patch only changes enough to get unc names working.

Getting the \\SERVERNAME to work probably requires a lot of work and is not a quick patch like the rest was. Also it you are going to support \\servername you would probably also want to support network browsing which are easy enough if you use the Microsoft dialog boxes but not so easy to implement yourself especially as there are some registry settings which you should check to see exactly what you are allowed to browse for and where you are allowed to browse.

Hi Andrea,

I've updated the patch to fix the problem with "..".


Checked the patch and it looks like it will give problems with interoperability on unix systems.

Even though the paths wont work on unix, opening and saving shouldn't break the files either.

  • path on windows \\foo\bar
  • loads on unix, converts to //foo/bar (from running BLI_char_switch(file, '\\', '/'),
  • // prefix is interpreted as the blend file path and expands,
  • loads on windows and fails.

This could be resolved by never switching prefix slashes (all path conversion functions can be made to skip initial slashes so the \\ prefix never converts to //).

Uploaded new version with a bit of cleanup and fixes after testing.

This should allow to enter a UNC path in the file browser and should work if user can otherwise access it without restrictions.

Andrea Weikert (elubie) closed this task as Resolved.Apr 21 2014, 5:51 PM

Resolved by modified Differential Revision D298