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Create linkable Blender library and external Python binding
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Blender is a great program that has many features inside it.
I think that if a linkable Blender library was created,
people can write programs that link to it and call functions useful for 3D
development and animation. Maybe a little more than the current Python
API, perhaps? :)

C and C++ should be supported for the library linkage.
(Blender uses C++, but maybe C can use it too?)

Also, external Python bindings would be great to have.
You can't "import Blender" outside of Blender itself.
Maybe the bindings should bind to the external library, making
it a bit easier.

Basically, the reason for creating libraries and bindings
is so that I or anyone else can just call a function in
Blender without actually having to open it. This can be
useful with batch model creation, custom render farms,
or exporting models to code or another format.

I hope you consider doing so for Blender 2.5 (eventual 2.6 release)! :)



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Feature request. Also, this will never happen.

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