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Color Picker Popup Issue(s)
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Color picker popup window doesn't disappear as expected (when you go out of the picker border), but you need to hover around... Color picker also appear in unwanted area, namely in some cases it covers other color fields (Diffuse and the main Preview) which are then impossible to access. I think that would be movable color picker useful solution.

I also miss real time color preview inside the color picker and instant access to an older 2.4x color picker which i still like very much, please..? :)

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It's hard to understand what the bug is that you're referring to here, can you please be more descriptive in showing exactly what is happening and what the expected behaviour is? The thing that sounds like it could be a bug is the disappearing part, the rest sound like requests to me.

Please keep in mind this tracker is for bug reports only, not feature requests - a bug is defined as something that is designed and coded to work in a certain way, but is faulty.

Right, it looks that now for some reason a picker behave properly, so when you click on a picker icon, a popup window disappear, which is OK. Still, a popup doesn't disappear if it opens between two windows like this:

So you need to hover back to window where was picker activated (as an orange arrow represent in my pic), which I still believe isn't expected behaviour, although I know it's not a big issue...

I've been discussing this with some coder (probably he wants to stay anonymous now:) on IRC before I posted this report. He suggested that I (we) should report even the smallest issues in the tracker instead in the forums (as I wanted to do first), because a 'small' things can be a sign of the bigger issues, as he said...
Well, I hope that I'm not on your naught list now, like someone commented this report: "being on Matts naught list, its worse than being on santa's.." :)

Thank you with all my respect, and keep up good work!



The only bug I can found here seems to be that if you leave the picker window to another space without pass through the "Properties space", the picker window keep open until you press the button or go back to the Properties space (bug because in 2.49 as soon you leave the picker window, it disappear).

About the "appear in unwanted area" and "cover other colors fields" I don't see any thing wrong there, the picker window appear in the right place, top of the botton that you use to call it. Yes it cover other buttons, but it's the expected functionality, you open, work and close, it's not a "floating window".

hmhm maybe we need a notification for "LEAVE SPACE" or something like that ? so we can close windows like the picker ?

Matt, what you think ?

- Diego

Moving to our todo for UI tasks:

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How is this still open after nine and a half years? And yes I checked, everything works fine.