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Driver using world custom property don't refresh well
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I use a driver to drive a property (the x cordinate of my cube), its expression is just a variable that is a world custom property.

When I change this custom property, my cube doesn't refresh well at all even if the driver (debug info) seem to refresh its value.



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Confirmed, this is weird.

Perhaps anything due to a world->object depgraph link?

It's the same problem with scene custom properties, but in fact (even for the work one) drive debug info does not refresh.

To refresh I have to click on lock/unlock the coordinate in the transform panel.

Other information

Its work great to drive transform of an object with custom property from :
- object
- mesh
- particle system

but not from:
- material
- texture
- lamp

But for the lamp if the custom property drive the lamp transform refresh works.

This is something for todo. Dependency graph needs to be redesigned
for this. Moving to todo wiki: