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Back from fullscreen, the dopesheet appears empty
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Toggling fullscreen on the dopesheet and back, we see the dopesheet empty, because it doesn't remember its position.
Uploading 4 screenshots to show the sequence I'm talking about.

start:.................. 01_dopesheet_initial.png
fullscreen:............. 02_dopesheet_fullscreen.png
back from fullscreen:... 03_dopesheet_back_from_fullscreen.png
pressing home:.......... 04_dopesheet_pressing_home.png

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I have just submitted a small patch to fix this.

Issues regarding screen area resizing are already in the todo-list, so closing and marking as todo.

Janne Karhu (jhk) changed the task status from Unknown Status to Invalid.Sep 20 2010, 12:51 PM

The only todo I can find relates to the kde window manager and is related to the entire blender window toggling between full monitor screen.
The fullscreen here is toggling an area to use the entire blender window and back to the split view.

The nla has trouble clamping areas during the switch (I'll look at that) no other window type seems to have an issue when switching between full screen and back.