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there's a loud glitch when init audio mp3 stream in seq/render result in VSE
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there's this loud glitch when initializing the audio mp3 stream in the VSE and the rendered video gets it also.

if you grab and move the audio strip, so on frame1 of the video the audio already started on -1, it's gone.



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maybe this is similar: in Ubuntu 10.4, runing blender 2.53 r30909:

when switching between audio scrubbing and continuous playback there is often a loud burst of white noise before the correct audio begins. It can happen at any point in the audio.

I experience the same thing on OSX builds.

Assigning to our sound guy for further investigation

Can you upload or link a test mp3 file please?

You can close this bug, it's not there anymore. neither in playback in VSE or rendered result! not atleast for me on OSX and the build I did today r32380

Joerg Mueller (nexyon) closed this task as Invalid.Oct 8 2010, 11:53 PM