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Show poselib content in outliner, apply function
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This patch improve patch #22805: "Show poselib content in outliner" by now also adding an "apply" function in the context menu in the outliner overview for the poselib content (open context menu in outliner with right mouse button).

The outliner show the poselib content like this:

when closed:

- Armature
+ PoseLib

when opened:

- Armature
- PoseLib
* pose name 1
* pose name 2
* pose name 3

A pose can be selected in the list and then applied to the current frame with the new "apply" function from the context menu. Context menu look like this:

| Outliner PoseLib Operation |
| Unlink |
| Apply |

BTW: the existing functions for browsing and modifying the poselib are not changed and can still be used.

It would be nice if someone may review the patch. I'm looking also forward to see the patch pushed into the repository.



Event Timeline

can you update to recent trunk, as there are a lot of functionality change, thank you.

I will update the patch to the recent revision in trunk.

I updated the patch to recent trunk, r42450.

I'm looking forward to see the patch integrated.


Just a quick review:
I'm not so keen on duplicating the code used to actually manipulate Pose Library data between two places, and especially in the Outliner code.

A better approach may be to separate out some of these core operations from the Pose Library operators, making ED_* api calls for them in poselib.c and exposing for use in Outliner (as well as for the operators). Certainly this would be closer in spirit to the original design of the code back in 2.4 when there were no operators, and the current operators were defined as API calls which could be used from various event handlers.

It may also be useful to look at integrating other functionality, such as deleting and renaming poses from here.


Bastien Montagne (mont29) closed this task as Archived.Aug 7 2014, 3:22 PM

Sounds time to archive.