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Mesh modifier in BGE is not used for culling calculation
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Category: Rendering

Basically it looks like Mesh Modifiers are not taken into account when doing visibility culling in the BGE.
THe result is that the object in the BGE 'disappears' when the pre-modifier base mesh is moved outside the camera.

Check the sample file for Blender 2.54

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Hi Benoit. This is not a vital bug since we are using the modifiers only for the prototyping phase of our current project (and later/soon) we will have to apply the modifier anyways. Nevertheless it would be great if you could take a look at that.
Thanks a lot.

That problem is well known and not easy to fix because it would require to recalculate the bounding box and update the culling tree each time the modifier is used. The problem exists also with shape keys.

The usual solution is to add a few vertex to the original mesh that enclose the entire extension of the shape key/modifiers. These vertex are not rendered (since they are simple vertex) but will extend artificially the bounding box and make the object more visible

This should be sufficient to work around these problems.

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