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Naming layer and coloring wire with an option
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Hello, I learn programming, and I look to the featurerequest and I found an easy project for a beginner like me : naming the layer. I know Intrr I make a layer manager but it's not in the BF and it s perhaps too hard to find all his modification (for a beginner) so I try to program the naming.

So I add a new button in the 3d Header to access to the naming of layers.
There is also a button to enable the coloring wire by layer. I know that make the wire in some color is not a good idea, there is some text about this.
I make this an option to enable the coloring and the color of layer is in the theme.

I will make a patch for the Tuhopuu branch soon.

Todo (or idea) :
- make the possibility to choose drawtype for the layer like the same thing for object
- Button to enable/disable subsurf of objects in layer

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