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Audio Problem
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HELP! when i put audio to my animation then try to scrub it, it crashed. my setting is in mpeg4, audio: mp3, playback is: auto scrubbing.I tried mpeg then encoding to flv, audio: mp3 or mp2 but still when i try to scrub blender will crash.

what's wrong? what should the setting be?



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We can't give user support here, this is a tracker for bug reports. If you can provide us with a .blend file and the audio file we can check your issue.

Please read the bug reporting guidelines! We need real information from you:

Hello sir,
Sorry, I wasnt able to read thte guidline, silly me, hehehe..

Anyway, I hope this helps

OS version: UBUNTU 9.10
Kenel Linux 2.631-22-generic
GNOME 2.28.1

3D card type: Inno 3D 90500

Blender version: 2.55 Beta

Own compiled versions: include svn version number from splash screen. : Blender 2.55.0

**i already solved the audio problem but this time it has problem during playblast.



Error : Error initializing video stream
then Blender crashes but sometimes it wont crash.

I switch from MPEG to avi, H264 to flv or mpeg, etc
i get video stream or audio stream error.

Attached here are the blend file and print screens.

Assigned to Peter, he knows FFMPEG video/audio much better than I do.

What ffmpeg version did you use to build? Maybe there's a problem with the library. Did you try without audio?

Inactive report, not confirmed issue.
We are going to make official binaries available within 2 weeks. Please test these, and report back if there are issues?

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