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VSE Avid shortcuts
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Basic functionality is here but posting here to get feedback while refactoring the code and adding some additional functionality. This is based on a write up by Thomas Volkmann on the dev mailing list. The functionality that is missing for the most part depends on grab/transform.seq_slide operator not working the way I would expect.


lift/cutout: grab/delete a strip in the middle of your edit, and the
following strips snap to the position where your grabbed/deleted strip
started to fill the gap. (only Delete works currently, shortcut is 'Z')

insert: move a strip between two other strips. The right strip will move
to the end of the inserted strip. The advanced version would be, that
you could insert a new strip into a single long one. The long strip
would be automatically cut at the first frame of the insert.
(Keys off of active strip, 'I')

overwrite: opposed to insert, strip that lies under the newly placed one would be deleted, after making cuts at the first and last frame of the new strip.
(Keys off active strip, 'Shift-I')

cut at timeline: cut all clips at timeline position. Only selected clip,
or all clips on all channels (without selecting them first)
('V' for softcut, 'Shift-V' for hard cut)

trim: grab a right handle of a strip to lengthen or shorten it. The
strips to the right side move along.
Same for the left handle, but only the strips right of it are moving,
leaving the cut in the same place and the length of the trimmed strip is
With both handles selected, no other strip would move, but only the
content of the selected strip would shift.
And while we're at trimming some shortcuts would be great:
select right handle of selected strip
select left handle
select both handles
(keys off active strip; 'T' to go into trim mode, left and right arrows to trim, 'T' toggles the handle that is selected, left mouse exits, right mouse or 'esc' cancels)

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