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Option to draw image in image and sequencer spaces with linear interpolation
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One of the things I have always wanted to be able to do is draw the render result smooth and not pixelated. Workaround was to just use Compiz to zoom the screen but it is much better to have it built in.

This patch adds a "Draw Smooth" option to the sequencer and image spaces accessible from the View menu.



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Apply the patch from inside the source dir.

no that is missing the ui parts, use this one instead.

Is this patch still alive/useful? We have FSAA view now…

@Antony Riakiotakis (psy-fi), this is basically a nice idea but the implementation could be a bit different to make everyone happy.

Basically, think we should keep interpolation a-sis for cases with you're magnifying and have bilinear sampling when zooming out. That could make it much nicer feedback in the preview area. And think it might be quite easily generalized for our image drawing functions to pass separate filters for zooming in/out.

The patch is still useful, FSAA only solves aliasing issues for polygons, not texture sampling. No problem with different filters, just use GL_NEAREST for minification. The patch looks good to me, the only issue I have is regenerating the texture each frame. We might want to either cache it or even consider reusing the image GPU texture if it exists, with some care to make sure filters are properly restored if we are in texpaint mode or so. I feel we have too many copies of textures currently.

Some overlap with existing comments, suggested changes.

  • Make this a user preference instead of changing per view (users who prefer this likely don't want to have to set it for every view, this could also apply to other image views - eg, movie clip editor?).
  • Even when enabled, use GL_NEAREST for GL_TEXTURE_MAG_FILTER (don't think its so useful to smooth when zooming in).

Note, this could be enabled by default, though we can change defaults easily, so first agree on how it should work.