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cloth or soft body crash un Undo *SERIOUS BUG, don't use undo for physics now!* fix is in svn
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Add any mesh at startup add cloth or soft body simulation object press control z. Blender then crashes. It reports a segmentation fault on ubuntu 10.10 and closes down.

Blender official 2.56.0 beta build revision r33949

Operating system windows 7 64bit and ubuntu 10.10


cpu core i7 980x
graphics ati radeon 5970
installed ram 6 gig corsair



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Thanks for the example, I located the error and fixed in svn. It got introduced dec 21st, and it's a very bad error... shouldn't be in a release.

Basically it means that any undo with physics in Blender is dangerous. Don't do this, recompile or wait for us to update...

Thanks for the reply Glad i could help out. I love using Blender it's a great piece of software i use it every day thanks to you and all the blender team for all the hard work. Glad this was a serious bug that was caught earlier rather than later.

Argh sorry, my bad and the worst timing right before a release!

The code that caused this is now cleaned up and shouldn't cause any more problems.

Thank you once again.

How do i close it i am new to this.

This bug is so serious that I keep it open until we have 2.56a out.

Thanks Ton. I was worried that i had to close the report. I can't find any where to do that. Will the report be closed automatically or do i have to close it? If i have to do it how do i go about it ? Thanks.

I will, no worries :)

Thanks for clearing up the confusion.

2.56a is out, closing

Ton Roosendaal (ton) closed this task as Resolved.Jan 6 2011, 3:21 PM