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Pan view not always works with shift+alt+LMB in Blender 2.56
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Duplicates: T24630 T25318 T26208

I must to reopen this bug because pan view still not works with shift+alt+LMB pressed together. (in Blender 2.56 official build)



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Pan view not always works with shift+alt+LMB in Blender 2.56 - it is my mistake in the summary.

Try as I may I can't reproduce this bug. Ubuntu 10.10 32, r34046. I'm sure that the devs would find hardware and operating system info useful, that would maybe help narrow it down a bit.

Will ask nathan to check further.. but this is a really tough one. It is well possible that it's not a bug anymore. but simply how windows supports modifier keys.
You also should be totally clear with reports like this.

- are you using left or right alt/shift?
- do you have a keyboard with AltGR?
- did you check if any other application has this error?
- do you have this shortcut assigned to a windows shortcut for something?
- is it just a matter of not pressing shift+alt simultaneously?
- do you press LMB really after one of the modifiers? with a short delay?

And so on... testing it on different systems would also be highly appreciated

- I am using left alt /shift but i have tried with right and pan view also not working.
- I have simple standart keyboard without AltGr
- I have tried to set switching languages in windows to alt/shift and it works good.
- No, I havent assigned it to windows shortcut.
- Yes, pan view not works only if i press alt and shift together.
- I press LMB after alt/shift with any delay pan view not works.

I have tried to check this in Ubuntu 10.10 , but i cant start blender on it. ( i have downloaded Blender for linux from

I cannot reproduce. After setting user preference to emulate 3-button mouse, this works perfectly fine on 3 different windows machines. Note that if you don't set 3-button mouse emulation, shift+alt+lmb doesn't do anything.

I always set emulate 3 mouse button. Pan view not works only if press alt and shift together.

Tested on Win7Pro 64bit, with ATI5800.
Worked fine (tryed with different user pref. settings, no change)!
Only if LMB is pressed too quick after sft+Alt, then it migth be taken in as rotate or non-command.

Have you tried to press alt + shift together ?

Yes, and all other combinations I could imagine!

This is old thing for me and here is a little summary of it:
When "Emulate 3-button mouse" is checked,
Alt+Shift+LMB dragging should translate view but instead it works like rotating(pan) a view when Alt and Shift keys are pressed simultaneously.

This behaviour started with Blender 2.55beta.
This behaviour is only present in Windows(XP, 7, 32/64bit) - it is not possible to reproduce in Linux or OS X.
It is almost impossible to reproduce on fast and new computer. It is much easier to reproduce on old and slow computer.
This behaviour is not caused by Windows system shortcuts because when I have tried 2.54 or any other version on the same computer - there is no such behaviour.

I have checked this thing on 15 very different computers.

I have fast computer ( intel 6600 quad ) and i can reproduce it very easy.

Thanks to AlexKu: Applied patch from [#26208] in r35283.

It is works in r35290. Thanks.