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Text object size is different in 3d view and BGE
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Category: Rendering

When I add a text object into blender and I launch BGE(P), text size is a bit different. You will better notice this when you input longer texts into text object.

bug howto(just to be sure that no one will misunerstand what I am pointing to)

1.SHIFT+A -> Text
2. press P



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Moving to GE tracker

This is a known bug/limitation. The Blender default font is different from the BGE default font. I'll keep the report open, but this should be addressed later when Blender UI font change.

A workaround is to load your own font (*.ttf). The same font will be displayed in both Blender as the BGE. But then still there's the issue that in the BGE the size or the spacing is different. It sure would be nice if there would be no difference at all.

I have the same bug in Blender 2.77a.
The fonts are different in both cases: if they are default, if I place there my font.

This is a bad bug, because you cannot know: how it'll look in GE, will it go out of screen or not, will it look good or bad.

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