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Strange no. of frames/duration problem in some .mp4 videos
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Some .mp4 videos show extreme number of frames in the sequence editor (40 sec duration = 45823 frames etc.).
Attached patch uses [videoStream]->avg_frame_rate instead of r_frame_rate to calculate duration in the sequence editor. It's a hack - I know, but works for me so far... (needs newer FFMPEG version than the bundled in #extern)

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confirm this bug, for me it happens with .mp4 files gotten from an iphone or n900; If needed I can upload a sample file somewhere.

To me it seems an issue for FFmpeg then... but I'll assin it to peter so he can check if this is worth patching or reporting back or putting on todo. :)

@Anders, you are using Blender 32 or 64?
@Bassam can you upload a sample file?
I had a similar problem (reported here [#27060] Blender 64bits load problems for MP4) that is fixed with ffmpeg 0.7rc1. I can build with 0.7rc1 so I can test it there.

Peter: any chance we will move to ffmpg 0.7 too?

aehm we already did, that's why I added ffmpeg_compat.h and friends.

So it is up to the build maintainers, which ffmpeg version we'll use, all should work now.

And: my proxy patch does solve stream length issues, too.

If you want to try:


Note: the related bug I mentioned is fixed in current trunk. So there is probably no need for patches.
Anders never replied to the tracker so I will close it for now since it should be fixed. Anders, if the problem is still there reply here and we re-open it.

Bassam confirmed that it's working with his test files. (and the original problem was indeed with 64 builds)

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