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Sculpting on deformed mesh: stage 2
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Hi everybody,

I've prepared next version of patch which allows sculpting on deformed mesh. In this version only armature modifier is allowed in sculpt mode (from talks with artists at bconf i learned that it's the most important modifiers for them). All the rest modifiers gets disabled -- warning would be added to unsupported modifier.
Sculpting, undo system and sculpting on shape keys should work fine.

But there is small limitation -- multires modifier wouldn't be deformed by armature in sculpt mode. There are some design issues with this, but don't think they actually should be fixed -- moving multires at top of armature would work in the same way.

Plans for future:
- Hotkey for faster switch between modes. So you just hit hotkey to switch to object mode and see final result with all modifiers applied and then go back to sculpt mode.
- All the rest deformation modifiers could be handled in way transform in editmode does it. Not sure if result would be expected, but cant judge before i'll try this

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Hi Sergey!!!

I'm soooo happy to finally get this feature in Blender, I think if we manage to make it work smoothly and easy to use, you will make
a great tool, a step forward in animation :)

Here a first report:

In my first test with simples rigs I found that it is quiet untestable, lot of times you can sculpt, simply do nothing, sometimes the sculpted shapekey exploded when
you use the smooth brush and all these things happens ramdonlly (maybe is my impression)

I attach a Blende file "Block02_POSES_Volt_sculpt.blend" to test it, is a teapot rig.

Something to try to reproduce the bug:

- Open file and select the "Key1" shapekey
- Go to sculpt mode and try to sculpt the teapot
-If sculpt works, enter and exit of editmode (press TABkey twice) and now maybe you can't sculpt.

End of Report :)


Hi, Daniel!

Thanks for feedback and for test file. I'm not animator myself, so the most difficult character i've tried to sculpt on is Sintel and Dark guardian from durian's dvd. Can't give quick explanation why patch doesn't work and suggest fix for your case -- it've got a bit more difficult structure than my tests. Will try to investigate things for this week's meeting (unfortunately, got an exam at Saturday, so blender work slowed down).

Am i right sculpting on base mesh (if there are no shape key) works fine for you?
And maybe you could be meet in #blender or #blendercoders?

Ah.. quite stupid fix. Should work with shape keys much better now.
Haven't noticed blowing with smooth brush, but noticed some other thing -- enter-exit edit mode with further stroke adds some displacement to quite random areas. Trying to solve this.

P.S. New is patch in attachments.

Oops. Stupid typo in undo stack. Still have small issues with unwanted deformation when mixing sculpting on shape key and entering/exiting editmode.

Downloading ... L'll compile It and I'll send you more feedback :)

Tested!, now is much more stable seems work well with my teapot rig, I'll test on complex rigs.
just one thing, it's annoying that you work with subsurf at the same time, even if you only wants
play with sclupt on a simple mesh (without Armature modifier) .

Good look with the exam!


Tested!, now is much more stable seems work well with my teapot rig, I'll test on complex rigs.
just one thing, it's annoying that you can't work with subsurf at the same time, you don't have an acurate feedback
for final shape looks like, even if you only wants with sclupt on a simple mesh (without Armature modifier) .

Good look with the exam!


Hi,. Daniel!

This happens because all modifiers gets disabled in sculpt mode. In the nearest future there'll be hotkey to switch between modes, so you'll be able switch between object and sculpt modes faster and see final result. Not sure how sculpting on subsurf could be handled.
For example when you'll subdivide default cube 5 times and try to sculpt on it -- nothing would happen. That's confusing and can't see good way of solving this issue atm.

P.S. Thanks for feedback!

Updated patch. Fixed artifacts with that edit mode toggling and changing active shape key. Minor spelling fix.
Brecht reviewed patch and didn't notice any issues. so hopefully it'll be moved to trunk soon and i'll continue with allowing any deform modifier in sculpt mode.

Great! right now I was writing a post about this, with a video and blend file, so I'll waiting to test the new patch :)

Another issue, this time I make a little video "0001-0008.avi.7z" find in attachment

Open "teapot_sculpt.blend"
- Sculpt a pose in a frame
- Scrub the timeline
- Sculpt again
Result: the mesh explode

Take Care and great work man :)


Yeah, things used to be exploded at described situation. Haven't fount teapot_sculpt.blend but hope things are fixed now :)

Perfect! works very well now.

Why it's still open :)

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