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no different Space evaluation (world vs. local) in Constraints
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Constraints like Transformation have two fields about Space evaluation. I don't see any different behavior when switching between local and world space.
As I understand in the example the local space for target (Cube) should be different (turned 90° around z) then the world space.
In the constraint on Cube.001 the Cube.001 should rotate if the Cube moves along its local y axis (which should be in this example the global x axis).
But Cube.001 just rotates while moving on global y axis.
Changing local to world space does not bring any difference.
Also changing owners space doesn't change a thing.

Using blender r34390.
Linux Debian Testing 64 Bit 2.6.37-rc6
6 GB Ram
AMD Phenom x4 905e
AMD ATI HD4770 (fglrx 10.12)

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In short: by design, unless an object has a parent, "local space" there doesn't make a difference currently. That is, unless Martin can figure out a way that we can calculate an appropriate space for objects :)

Alright. Thanks for clearing up.
I made two examples.
The first one : locale_space_y->z.blend
shows that it works as described.
The Owner has Parent and the Target has P.Parent. Switching between local and world space for target and owner shows different results like indented.

The second one: follow_path_transformation_constraint.blend
shows what I thought I could do with it.
To turn the torus around its local y-axis while the cube moves forward on its local x-axis on the curve.

So again thanks for clarifying.

For local-world-space without parent:
Isn't it possible to just make the drop-down-field showing world-space and being inaccessible while no parent is set ? And if a parent is given the field would be usable again.

if( me has no parent) {show world and be inaccessible}
elseif (me has parent) {let user decide between local and world}

Fixed in svn. Implemented support for this after so many years...

Joshua Leung (aligorith) changed the task status from Unknown Status to Resolved.Jan 27 2011, 12:33 AM