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Show mouse option in wrong Panel
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The new "Show Mouse" option for the game engine is in a wrong panel. It is now in Standalone Player Panel but as it also works for playing intenally it should imho located in the Game-Panel.


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Fixed in SVN 34694. Thanks for the report! :)

Hi Carsten,
I'll repeat here what I said in the list so we can talk on that:

Options such as framing (Letterbox/Extend/Scale) and background color are actually used for both Player and the embed BGE. So why not the mouse? The way I see it (and the reason why it's/was/will be? there) is because Blender itself always has a mouse pointer. BlenderPlayer, however, as a standalone application does not necessarily would have one. Yes is a "shared" property, but it stands on its own in the Player.

I would also like to see the 'ESC' key exposed in the UI and this will fall into the same category of shared feature that .
Maybe you are right and we should consider framing and background color as exceptions. I would like to hear your thoughts here.

Scale did never work outside the Runtime.

"Blender itself always has a mouse pointer." sure, and the reason why people always cry for the mouse once they press "P". Maybe it should not an option but a Logic Brick Actuator to set or hide the mouse.

So lets make "Scale" and "Fullscreen" work for the embeded GE and we only have Resolution: and Quality: in the Standalone PLayer Panel! All others are then shared (If I dont miss one other).


"Scale did never work outside the Runtime." But Letterboxing works.

"Maybe it should not an option but a Logic Brick Actuator to set or hide the mouse."
It seems a bit overkill to make an Actuator for that. Do you think people would actually need it when doing Logic Brick only projects?

""So lets make "Scale" and "Fullscreen"""
Fullscreen shouldn't be so hard to make work. Scale will not happen any soon afaik - related to that is the impossibility of using Blender while using the BGE.

Actually to be frank I don't see many new features being coded to BGE recently so being more realistic what I personally am going after is:
Do you have a global design for the current features we have in the UI?
[Ideally including a place to put the escape key and to either use the camera settings or to have a place for it by the player "box"]

From my understanding we could have some options for the blenderplayer such as: -->pack textures, export to different OSs, ... And a button to export to BPlayer from the UI (maybe unnecessary).

Oh my, what a simple "bug" and big discussion ;-) I start to understand some of the longer discussions among the devs.

The ideas about Fullscreen, Letter, Scale were just mentioned to get an idea how few options are SPECIFIC for Runtime to separate it from the other common options

You can use Mouse-Sensors etc.with just pure LBs so it is nice to have a mouse pointer and be able to switch it on without python, only that was my point. Let it an option or a Brick. However it is nice to be able to switch it off/of while running but yes overkill.

I don't havbe a bigger plan ATM beside getting my book ready and have it not rendered "useless" a month later ;-) Well and gaining a nice workflow from the user perspective.


renamed Show Mouse to Mouse Cursor (rev. today). Thanks for the report Carsten.

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